Hi, my name is Mike Andes!

I hope you have enjoyed the podcast episodes!
LandscapeBusinessCourse.com is the parent site of this one.
On that site I offer free, weekly webinars for landscape business owners and answer questions on how to start and grow your company.

3 years ago I started Augusta Lawn Care Services in Blaine, WA. 36 months later, we have a revenue of $100K/month. The first year we made $30K, second year $200K, third year over $600K. How did we achieve this growth? That’s what this website and the course I created is all about.



I offer the step-by-step process to exactly what I did to create my business. It will save you thousands of dollars and expedite your success by saving years of frustration and slow-growth.

Business Bootcamp - LOGO - FINAL - AIII

I am also the host of BusinessBootcampPodcast.com where I answer business questions from all industries. I channel my own business experience with my formal business education and hope to offer some insight into how businesses must market and sell in┬áthe 21st century — online and word of mouth.


I am also the author of Millennial Millionaire: The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Breaking Out of the Middle Class



Please take a look at the video and content on LandscapeBusinessCourse.com and I would LOVE to see you in the LIVE webinar and answer any questions you may have!



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