Create a Hiring System to Find All-Stars

Now, finding the right team members (some people call them employees) is one of the most important factors that will predict your landscape businesses success. That being said, finding good people that don’t cost a fortune, are willing to learn, show up on time, have the skills/education required, and will provide long-term value to your organization…. NOT VERY EASY!

In the past, I’ve adopted the “try-them-out” approach. That means essentially hiring someone “on the spot” and giving them several days to work at your business to see if they are a good fit. If they work hard and everyone likes them, they stay on. If they are not a good match they get “fired” quickly. Sounds good, right? Not exactly. Here’s why… (Maybe I am just telling myself this)

You are sending a message to both existing employees and the new hire that you don’t care very much about them. You don’t care enough to take the time necessary to discuss the job requirements and expectations with the new hire. The “try-them-out” method also alludes to the fact that you have no real method or system for hiring, but then once they are employed things suddenly switch and you expect punctuality, dependability, uniformity, and precision. Existing hires get disgruntled because they have to deal with the “losers” of the “try-them-out” hiring method. They have to deal with the guys that don’t work out, bring morale down, are lazy, don’t show up on time, etc… Your most trusted and dependable people have to deal with the carnage of your poor hiring system… and yes, they too will eventually leave.

So the bottom line is this… if you want to hire great people, you’ve got to have a great hiring system.

Here is the hiring system I am implementing in 2017.

1.) Standard Online Application — Feel free to advertise this however you want (Craigslist, word of mouth, Facebook, website, etc)

2.) Employee Orientation Evening — At your office or shop. Have food and fun-filled atmosphere. Have current management present. Share business history, positions available and the requirements of each

3.) They Sign Up For Interviews — At the orientation they can choose to block out an interview slot

4.) Do Interviews and Make Decision

5.) New Hire Receives Training System and Manager Supervision


I hope that helps you avoid costly hiring errors and allows you to access the (few and far between) golden hires out there. Remember though, the gold wont shine if you don’t polish it. Your systems and procedures allow good people to thrive in their position… it makes them shine!

Be great! Sincerely,

Mike Andes

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