Case Study: Marketing at Your Bank

I recently had a phone conversation with James Downs from James is a course member at and is  just starting his second year in business. He had a unique marketing opportunity that I wanted to share with you.

Maybe you can use the same strategy or perhaps it will just help trigger some other creative, out-of-the-box strategies for getting clients this Spring.

James has been given the opportunity by his local bank to setup a booth in their lobby. When I talked to James we discussed a few ways to take advantage of the opportunity.

1.) Make sure to change up the look of the booth every few days, otherwise, the “usuals” begin to ignore it. Test to see what works best. (PICS ATTACHED)


2.) Have a drawing for a free Spring cleanup. Collect contact info for all contest entrants

3.) Follow up with all entrants and ask if they want a free estimate or property needs analysis. Time to do the math!

Get 10 entrants per day. 2 estimates. 1 client. Times 30 days (1 month) that he has the booth in the bank… MONEY!


What are you doing for your big Spring marketing push?


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